Wednesday, February 20, 2008


i was waiting for my master since morning and in the process dozed off. i dont know why , but i feel he doesn't want to play fetch with me anymore. is he angry with me? or am i not as cute as i used to be?? have i become a burden to him?
it all changed on that fateful day , three or four months ago when my master was having his evening tea with his friend,he coughed once or twice and suddenly he didn't stop .his mouth was full of blood. then all i heard was a siren and a man with a tube around his neck hurried inside the house and came out looking upset and he left. my master's friend and our neighbour then spoke in husky voices about someone called 'cancer' they were telling that cancer was very dangerous and stuff. since then he never came out and i never got to see him, i was always tied to the garden pole and the maid literally threw a piece of half toast bread or biscuits or dry chappatis in my plate three times a day. my master didnt take me for the morning walks anymore infact he didnt even come to give me my favourite hot bubble bath i felt so stinky. suddenly one day he came out but four people carried him on a cot i was so happy i thought he was out to play fetch with me i started barking and jumping with joy, but no he didn't even want to look at me, he covered his face with a white bedsheet.
i wondered if my master got a new pet named cancer to play with? months have passed and still he hasnt come out to see me. our neighbour came a couple of times though and tried shooing me away,but i wouldn't go. i will wait for my master to come and play 'fetch' with me. everything will be normal again like old times. i'll wait for him 'ALL ALONE' as usual and i know he'll come..

Monday, February 18, 2008


how will you make a slow horse fast???

-> simple dont give it anything to eat then its fasting isn't it??? ;>


how can you make a slow horse fast???

-> simple dont give it food it is fasting then isn't it???? ;-)


the world's most valuable barbie is the fortieth anniversary DE BEERS . to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of barbie, the de beers diamond company helped to create a customized doll worth $82,870.this barbie is adorned with 160 diamonds that weigh almost 20 carats, and are set in 18-karat white gold. one fastener on the dress can be removed and worn as a brooch.even after 40 years in production,the regular barbie doll continues to be a worldwide fact,there are two dolls sold every second and to keep her in fashion,barbie gets about 120 new outfits each year.

hello everybody!!

this is my first blog,so i dont wish to discuss any political issues or any controversies whatsoever. i would just like to treat this like an introductory blog,say a "HELLO EVERYBODY!!" as i name it. so ya here i am a simple and normal young girl who loves to make friends and chat with them. my view of life as a whole is 'a gift from thy lord to be cherished and lived each moment to the fullest'.complications!! nah!! they are what we create. we look at life positively the same it does to us. optimism is one of the biggest and strongest tools the almighty has bestowed us with to look down upon the greatest of so called problems and give them the appearance of petty little is obvious i staunchly believe in living life with love. love is life or is it life is love?? :)